The New Revolution Troupe

Watch these captivating Cubans as they raise the roof of the big top with their amazing acrobatic skills and infectious dance moves as they bring you a taste of a Cuban carnival to Circus wonderland.

These four charismatic stars bring high energy to the big top with their positive energetic vibes. You will see their strength as they swing on the high bars and flip high up into the big top on the trampoline.

They want to hear you cheer, they want to hear you scream and feel free to dance along!

Adriano & Cheyenne Folco

Adriano and Cheyenne are a Father and Daughter duo from Italy. Cheyenne brings the glamour in to the ring as you will see her flying high in the roof of the big top on the cloud swing, there will be moments when you will want close your eyes as she will perform thrilling tricks up high. Cheyenne is a very highly professionally trained circus artists and has been performing in the ring since she was 4.

Cheyenne is a very multi-talented circus artist however her favourite moments in the ring is working alongside her father performing the gauchos. The ring comes alive with the sound of the drums and the rhythm of the gauchos.

Doranyel & Yaimara

You will not believe it’s real, you will be left in wonder as you will see the dynamic duo flying through the air with Yaimarahanging from her hair yes that’s right her hair! Their circus talent is qualified at a high level, with training for many years with new revolution in Cuba, which left them with qualifications of an international level to allow them to show off their talents around the world. Not only do they go up high as they are also quick on their feet as they will blur before your eyes on their whirling wheeled roller skates, this will leave you in suspense with a display spins and spine tingling stances in the fastest skating act yet to be seen in the UK.

Clown Antony

First time appearing in the UK, Antony Coupons is an award winning comedy clown with his excellence stage presents he will have you falling of your seats with belly’s full of laughter. Antony has performed all around the world, being born in to the circus Antony is the third generation of comedy classics never before seen in the UK. Antony has a very unique way of clowning catering for adults and children appearing live in front of your own eyes THE TRANSFORMING CAR!!! Antony creates a real life comical comedy car routine later to be transforming. His performance is a show not to be missed as you will be left amazed.

Mr Slinky

Circus Wonderlands very own Mr slinky is back with as much spring in his step as ever! The human slinky comes to life from top to bottom entertaining for all ages. You will be left in wonder as the whole slink looks in such a tangle and springs back to life. This is not Mr Slinkys first time performing at circus wonderland, but from such demand he is back to entertain you all accompanied by his friend Mr Eye.

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